Still sick. I've actually gotten worse, my cough has gotten deeper into my chest and I've been getting low fevers and feeling flu-ish. I really thought I'd be able to shake this before it got into anything serious but I guess it got me :(

Later today I plan on sitting down with my mom and telling her some important things...I want to tell her about how I want to get serious with this blog and how I want to start Youtubing...also switching back to online school so I could also get a job! Hahaha lots of things but its important to me. I'm ready to start my journey!! :)

And I'm still trying to convince her to get me an iPhone...hopefully today I will be the proud owner of one lol.

Pray for me to feel better!!! I neeeeeeed to look and feel presentable for job applications this weekend. (dramatic I know but you've gotta help a sister out)