Review: Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

So as I said in a few posts before this, I have been looking for a new drugstore foundation for a few months now. My loyal L'Oreal True Match just isn't cutting it anymore, and for some reason I'm just not happy with it. It took multiple trips to the drugstore to pick out which foundation I was going to try, mostly because I was terrified of the color selection I was given. A lot of the colors were too pink, and since I am a golden-y olive skin tone it's a little harder to find a good match. I ended up going with Revlon's Nearly Naked because people on youtube had said they really liked it, and that was the closest I could get to my skin!

Right when I opened it I knew the color was a little too light, but that doesn't matter since I'm getting lighter anyway (goodbye beautiful sumer glow!). I wasn't sure if I should apply it using my foundation brush, finger, or beauty blender, but i ended up using my brush. I noticed when I put it on my skin it had a certain smell, almost like sunscreen, but that didn't bother me. 

Okay let's back up a little bit. One thing I would change would be the packaging. It's a little difficult to get the product out on the bottle, so you have to be careful when you pour it out. I just poured a little amount onto the back of my hand. A little spilled down the side of the bottle and I had to clean it up which was a tad annoying but what can you do! The formula is more on the liquidy watery side, but still has some thickness to it.

Back to applying the foundation, I noticed right away that it covered my redness very well. I almost didn't need another coat. It left a nice dewy skin like finish which I really like. I think this foundation is light to medium coverage and you can definitely build it up. If you have oily skin or an oily t-zone, go for the formula made for that skin type because this formula that I have is made for dry to normal skin. Although I do have an oily t-zone, it didn't make me shiny or have to blot, so that's a major plus!

Overall I'm really happy with it. Hopefully soon the color won't be too far off and I can enjoy this foundation! :)

Have you tried the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation?