Hello October

It's heeeeere :) Last night my mom and I went to the grocery store. And let me tell you it looked like Fall hit that place like a tornado. Pumpkin EVERYTHING. As a matter of fact there were like 20 different types of pumpkins to chose from. Also, some called 'fantasy pumpkins' and they are out of this world beautiful. Huge and white, with swirly trunks. Some were creme, others orange and white striped or spotted. 

I picked up some cans of pumpkin, and I cannot WAIT to start busting out my fall recipes. This morning when I drove to school, it was actually breezy and cool outside. No gust of hot summer air. Ah, fall you bring me lots of joy. Here's to the hundreds of cups of tea and never ending burning candles ;)

Happy 1st of October!