Weekly Recap

Like my picture of the London eye? Haha I've been daydreaming about London on many occasions this week...I wish there was happier or more exciting news to share but I am still curled up on the couch...with PNEUMONIA. Can you believe it?? I caught it from my mom after helping her when she was sick but I honestly thought I was going to be okay...guess not.

I've mostly been (like I said) stuck on the couch/inside my house for the past week, but on the bright side I can still jot down a few things that made me feel a teeeeny bit better :)

//Making chocolate chip cookies that are vegan and gluten free, heaven haha\\

//Deep emotional talks with my mom\\

//Getting a solid 8 hours of sleep...trust me you have no idea how great that feels\\

//Staying home all week from school ;)\\

//Having lots of inspiration/creativity flow as I sit here coughing and wheezing lol\\

Anything interesting happen to you this week?