Sunday Catch Up

Man my fall break fleeeew by. I can't believe I have to go back to school tomorrow...and I'm not sure how I feel about that haha. I guess I shouldn't complain, it's my last year anyway. Well although the week started off great, things kind of took a different turn. My mom ended up getting a flu like virus and I feel terrible. She would go from absolutely freezing cold to dripping with sweat, and I'm not even joking when I say dripping. I tried to help her as much as I could, making her soup and running to the store if she needed something. I didn't end up going anywhere to hangout or to get stuff for my room but that's okay, it's not bothering me. My mom hardly ever gets sick so seeing her like this really makes me feel bad. I would pick staying home baking cookies with her over anything. 

Speaking of cookies, I made the most AMAAAAZING pumpkin almond cookies last night, and honestly they hit the spot right on. They are spicy from the cinnamon I added, sweet and nutty, with the added flavor of pumpkin. UGH YUM. Would you guys like a recipe?? I found one on pinterest but kind of tweaked it to make it my own. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend :)