Decorating Pumpkins

If you're like me carving a pumpkin isn't the easiest thing in the world. Once I get the hang of it and I can get around using a tiny sharp knife, I don't mind cutting into my design. But ever since I discovered "decorating" pumpkins I kind of became obsessed! It's a lot easier to do and personally I think the pumpkins turn out a heck of a lot prettier. 

My favorites are adding studs and/or jewels. They just stand out from the others and they look a lot more personalized too. Last year I also painted designs and stripes onto my pumpkins (of all sizes) and I couldn't stop looking at them to be honest. They are so cute! And I love the little ones that can fit into the size of your hand, I mean come on how can you not think that isn't adorable. I love coordinating them together because then you can easily arrange them on a table or in a jar and it makes your setting very warm and welcoming.

And the best part is, you dont have to remove the guts and worry about a rotting pumpkin!! ;) These beautiful pumpkin setups with an autumn candle burning and fireplace flickering make me feel soooooo cozy and I love it. Have any of you tried decorating pumpkins like this? Let me know!!