Things I Wanna Do This Summer ☼

I really can't believe it's already halfway through June. Can you believe that? It seems like we were all waiting so anxiously for summer to come and now it's here full force. Time is going bye suuuper fast, and that scares me a bit, and that's why I wanted to create a list of things I want to do before this season is over. Summer to me is a time to be free, have endless nights, and memories that you'll never forget. 

1. Make new friends// This is an important one for me. I'm not quite sure how I'll go about doing this, but I know I want to meet people. Even over the internet and through blogging. Meeting and talking to new people makes me feel so happy and it even turns my creativity on. So, wanna be friends?! ;)

2. Work on my photography skills// Since getting my amazing new camera, I've been trying to work with the different features it offers. It can sometimes make me feel stupid because I have never really worked with a camera like this, so I really want to perfect the way I take my pictures. 

3. Re-decorate my room// I am SO excited to do this. It's actually been a loooong time since I've done anything to my room, and to be honest I've totally grown out of it. I have completely changed my taste in furniture and style, which is kind of weird to me. I used to be all about vintage, victorian, and ornate designs. Now, while I still love vintage, I'm more minimal and simple. I like a lot of whites, simple lines, and pops of color every now and then.

4. Change my hair// I've already done a post on this, but I really have to change up my hair. I just know that if I change my hair, I'll feel like a completely different person, and I need that haha. I'm growing and changing and learning so many things that I already feel different, so I need to look different!

5. Travel// This one is a no brainer. I would love to make it to California, because that place is like my second home, but I don't know if I'll be able to get there this summer. It really puts a pit in my stomach because I love that place so much. Since I might not make it there, I want to travel around my state and head up North to Sedona. It's sooooo beautiful  there, with tons of red rock mountains, forests, and creeks. I can't wait to spend a couple of nights there with my mom :)

6. Get a dark tan// Not so serious, but this is always a goal of mine for summer!! Usually I get pretty dark and my hair lightens up...ahh the signs of Summer :)

7. Upgrade my blog// This is something I've wanted to do for a little while now, but I just wasn't ready. Now I think since I'm committed to my blog and I've been learning the ins and outs to it, I'm closer to knowing what I want my blog to look like. It's so hard because I'm a picky person and I get bored of things easily so I want to make sure I can create something I'll like for a long time!

8. Meditate/Do yoga every morning// This one takes some dedication, but I'm really dedicated to both of them. Yoga isn't new for me, I've actually done it for a while, but I'm just starting to learn about meditation and what it can do for your body and mind. Really, you need to look up what it does because it's pretty amazing. I'm willing to wake up an extra 30-45 minutes earlier so I can fit this into my morning. I find that when I do yoga before I even leave my bedroom, my whole outlook on the day has changed and I feel energized and happy.

9. Bake// ooooooh how I absolutely LOVE to bake. Normally, I will bake cookie dough bites, cookies, brownies, or something like that. I usually make my creations vegan/semi vegan/gluten free too. I bake a lot, and I've gotten some really good tips and recipes down that I've made and created from scratch. Now I think it's time that I move onto some more difficult things to bake vegan/gluten free like cakes, cupcakes, and things like that. And of course I can then create some recipe posts! :)

10. Explore new hobbies// I am a very creative person, and I pretty much love a lot of different activities. From painting to writing to photography, running, swimming, baseball, baking, cooking, and pretty much creating anything in general. But as I said before in a few posts, this last year has been tough for me and my creative brain kind of shut off when I went into a sad/depressed little world. BUT, I'm over that now, well trying to push my way through, and I am READY to grow and develop my little different kind of a brain haha :) And I realize that in order to switch my brain back to 'on' I need to push myself to do those kinds of creative things.

So this is just a little tiny list of things I wanna do, I actually might post another one of like 25 things I wanna do or something, but just not as in depth. I really am excited this Summer, just to start doing things I want to do, especially since school is finally over!! 

Tell me something you want to do this summer! <3