Mother Daughter Day

Since I'm on my fall break (yeeeeee) my mom and I decided to travel up north in the spur of the moment. We just thought, why the heck not? Where I live, if you travel up north, it's like a completely different state. There are gorgeous bright red rocks, thousands and thousands of acres of trees and greenery, and beautiful little shopping centers where you could spend hours just walking around, which is what we did!

We ended up stopping for lunch at a beautiful little organic raw vegan cafe called The ChocolaTree, which is my kinda food haha! ;) They grow their own food right in the garden outside, which was covered with little lights and even a serene waterfall, ah it was so relaxing. The meal was delicious, we even ended up taking some home because they gave us so much. I ordered an amazing salad galled "the green goddess" with marinated kale, sprouts, seeds, humus, avocado, and cucumber. My mom ordered the Kale Quinoa, which was shredded kale, cabbage, carrots, quinoa, dressing, and I dont even know what else but it was delicious haha! 

The weather was sooooo nice outside. It was sunny, but at the same time breezy and kinda cloudy so it was perfect for walking around. We went into some little shops and picked out things we wish we would buy at that moment (kinda fun but kinda depressing!!) Where we walked around was absolutely breathtaking, it felt like we were in Italy or somewhere old like that in Europe. The buildings are covered with intricate carvings, old spanish tiles, huge carved wood doors and gigantic pillars. It got too dark to get pictures but I really wish I was able to. Even the fountains that are placed all over the area are magnificent to stare at. 

Anyway, I had such a great time with my mom. I love when I get to have days like that with her, where my dad or brothers don't get in the way haha ;) She's my best friend and when we are able to be alone it's a lot easier to talk about stuff with her, ya know what I mean?