Are you a #GIRLBOSS?

Okay, so this book has definitely made it's way around numerous blogs and best-seller lists, but have you picked it up yet? Honestly, I am SO glad that I started reading this in Barnes and Noble a couple weeks ago. I had heard so much about it, and so when I saw it on the shelves (there was ONE left, so I knew it was fate for me to pick it up) I grabbed it as soon as I could and whipped open the pages. 

I was able to get about 35 pages in before I had to leave, and I couldn't believe how much I liked it. I was sucked into Sophia's way with words and how she makes her story seem so relatable. I really, reaalllly wanted to buy the book that night, but my mom promised me she would get it for me off of Amazon, and fast forward to this monday, and it came in the mail!

So anyway, I've pretty much finished the book. Not entirely, I probably have 50 pages or so left, but WOW. I can't even begin to tell you how influencing this book is. It's making me literally want to get off my ass and start an empire. From the beginning of the book, Sophia makes it clear that she started from rock bottom, like no house or money or food rock bottom. Then, she kind of skips around in the book from different jobs she's had, to what decisions ultimately created the multimillion dollar company she has today. When reading what she's gone through, or some of the stupid decisions she's made, and her thoughts and feelings on certain things, it makes me feel so much more confident in myself to know that everyone is afraid of something. Not everyone knows what they want to do, and not everyone is willing to work for something they want. That's why Sophia is where she is today, because she decided that after not giving a crap about her work life (you'll have to read the book), she made a change with her attitude and her outlook on life and finally set out to do something. 

She also makes it very clear numerous times throughout the book that she has worked her ass off. And that when being a #GIRLBOSS, you should too. It's not always putting pressure on yourself, but mentally making changes in your behavior. Like doing something everyday to get closer to a goal. Or giving 100% percent at a job, even if you might not enjoy it. This book is filled with so many inspiring chapters, and it's definitely a must-read for anybody willing to chase after something they want. 

It's definitely planted a seed in my head!! :) I'm sad I'm almost done reading it, but so excited to begin different projects I've wanted to do. 

Are you going to pick up this book and become a #GIRLBOSS with me?