New Makeup Storage ♡

While I was babysitting, all I could think about was the makeup storage drawers I had ordered a couple days before. WELL, when I walked home, guess what was waiting for me on the kitchen table?! Yep, the package came.

After I opened the box, I was a teeny tiny bit disappointed in the size. From the website, it looked a lot bigger in the pictures. I'm still so happy with the way they look though, so I don't want to upset myself too much.

Since the drawers are smaller than what I had imagined, I can't fit much in there, but it's alright. I've put the only makeup I use in it, so that works out well! I put the drawers on my vanity where I usually do my makeup, and set my makeup brushes on top. 

The set also came with a top piece that holds lipstick and it has three other compartments. It's so adorable. I didn't wanna stack it on top of the drawers, so I placed it on my dresser next to my perfume tray. It looks pretty, but I think I have to find a way to make it work without it looking cluttered. 

So I'm excited to style it and see how it works out! Do you guys have any of these acrylic drawers?
Have any tips on how to style them? :)

xx, Maddie