Summer Nails

It’s finally summer!! Well actually for me it’s been summer for like 2 months already haha, any guesses on how hot it was yesterday? 109 DEGREES. YES. 109. Honestly that’s a little too hot for me. But what can I do I’m only living here for one more year J

Summer is probably my favorite season for nail colors and designs. You can get away with wearing blindingly bright neon colors or soft pastel tones.

For my fingernails, I love wearing any colors that will enhance my tan. Normally during the fall and winter I’m pretty light, so summer is when I always get my tan on haha! I usually go for coral-ly pinks and bright blues. This summer I have been OBSESSING over bright white nails. It looks so chic and to me, beachy. Pairing these colors with simple jewelry or midi rings are my favorite. My favorite white nail polish at the moment I actually bought from Forever 21. Random right? Haha, but it stays on for literally 5 days straight! And I'm not even joking! 

Toenails are special because you don’t always see them! As silly as that sounds its true. During the summer though, when feet are the center of attention in pools and sandals, you have to make sure to make ‘em look nice. I'm currently loving Essie's "Tart Deco" which is a vibrant peach color, but I also LOVE blue. Especially a bright turquoise. That paired with a glittery blue on the fingernails and you’re ready to go!

I have been seeing that trend a lot lately. Whatever color you have on the bottom, put it on top with glitter and some nail stickers. It adds texture and interest.

What are your go-to summer nail colors?