Monday Mantra ☮

Happy Monday loves!! :) Whenever I type that out, I think of hugging whoever is reading this. If you're having a rough start to your week, or maybe you want to curl up in bed instead of doing whatever it is you have to do, I want you to think of me giving you a virtual hug. Do it! Now smile :) Mondays are meant to start fresh and start over! Do you feel a little better? Maybe? :) 

I really resonated with this quote when I came across it on Pinterest. This kind of describes how I have been moving the past year. I'll admit, I've been moving a bit slow. Well, I should say i WAS moving a bit slow. I didn't know what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go, who i wanted to see. I was completely lost. I was without motivation to do much. But what I didn't understand was life is going to keep moving. Fast or slow, it's not stopping. On a particularly stressful day for me, my mom sat with me on the couch, and I just cried. It wasn't anything hysterical, I just silently cried in her arms. She told me that I have to stop waiting for life to happen. Just sitting back and doing nothing expecting miracles to happen doesn't work (although there are some exceptions). She also said that you have to start small, like when I told her about how I wanted to get a job or start my blog. In order to climb up the ladder, you have to start at the bottom, and that's what I'm doing now.

Fast forward a couple months later, and I have my camera, a great babysitting job, and I'm feeling more like myself pre-depression. It's been awhile since then, but I'm starting to feel happier. It's amazing how doing what you love can change your whole outlook on life, isn't it? So getting back to the quote, I'm doing things slowly. I'm doing them right and the way I feel comfortable. Soon, I want to expand out of my comfort zone and do bigger things that scare me, and scare me a lot. Have you ever had that feeling where you've accomplished something huge after having such a long fear of it? It feels amazing doesn't it? The way where you feel like you can conquer things so much bigger. I wanna have that feeling more often. 

And one last thing, I don't intend on walking backwards, either. Everything in life happens for a reason, and the struggles I've gone through have put me in the position I'm in today. Trying to fix the past doesn't heal anything because it's already over. It's a hard way of living, to try and focus on the present moment, because nowadays we are always looking ahead or at what someone posted 3 hours ago. But, I've been setting little goals throughout the day to just be quiet and be in the moment. It really helps to center the mind and quiet the loud noises in your head.

Hope this wasn't a rambly post!! Have a great week :)

xx, Maddie