Rearranging my room ♡

Every now and then I get really tired of the way I have my room. I'm a person that spends a lot of time in my bedroom, so I want it to make me feel relaxed and comfortable, you know? So when I want to re-decorate it or re-arrange it, I don't stop. Sometimes it takes me all day, other times it takes me a few minutes. A couple days ago I started looking around at my dresser and I realized it was cluttered and very dusty. Like, sometimes i dont even remember the last time i dusted...i know. its an annoying habit of mine even though i'm such a clean freak.

This is how my dresser turned out..It's not exactly what I want it to be yet, but it's getting there. I just ordered some acrylic makeup storage organizers (and im SO excited) for my makeup and lipsticks.  so the lipsticks wont stay like that, thank god! In the future i'm going to be painting my room a very light cream, off white color, and im going to paint my dresser too. Should i paint it a bright color, or another off white color? I'm going for a more simple, crisp design but im not sure which way to go. Because I can always bring in color with accessories :D

This is how the top of my bedside table turned out. Again, it's going to be changing soon, but I like how simple it can look. I love the look of stacked books too. As you can see I have a growing collection of crystals and stones, and I also have a couple mini elephants, which all mean luck, wealth, success, etc. 

SO, I mean it's nothing outstanding, but I'm working on it! If you guys have any tips or recommendations, leave some comments below! :) 

xx, Maddie